Mike and Vonnie Landt, posing in front of tanks used for winemaking.

Mike and Vonnie Landt

Mike and Vonnie established River’s Edge Winery in 1998. After several years of splitting their time between their careers in the Midwest and their winemaking duties in Elkton, they relocated to live here full time in 2005.

Tyler Bradley filling clay fermentation vessels with wine

Tyler Bradley

An Elkton native, Tyler met Mike and Vonnie through his family’s pioneering vineyard development in Elkton. Tyler joined River’s Edge as the Assistant Winemaker in July of 2014, later becoming the Head Winemaker in June of 2017.

Colin Duddy posing while racking wine from an oak barrel

Colin Duddy

Colin was introduced to River’s Edge via Tyler after they worked together in Chicago. When offered the opportunity to explore a new career and lifestyle, he relocated to Elkton in June 2017.